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New Interactionelements for the Urban Public Space

The public space is a field, which is created and becomes alive through various forms of interactions. Thus the interactive art with its life proximity, communicative issues and reflection of the power of the modern technologies is well suited to be linked with the urban public space.

This information plattform presents detailed some selected interactive media projects, which went consciously into the urban public space. The analysis, categorization and questionaire with the producers of these 22 examples show, how the new media can be alternatively used, in order to contribute to the rediscovery und reactivation of the urban space and to lead to new interaction qualities.

In the open expandable list further projects are collected. With the time an archive can develop, with examples, that show new ways in dealing with the public space. The links section presents various conferences, research projects, articles and specialized artists that related to this topic.

The work is based on my thesis (2002) "Interactionfield - Public Space in the Digital Age"

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